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TC 24 / TC 230

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The TC telemetry receiver is used for telemetry controlling of a camera PAN/TILT system and lens. The CAN bus connects all telemetry devices using the twisted pair cable within the range of up to 1000m. Transmitter (for example: video multiplexer TP16MD) sends a command to the CAN interface with the address of target device (TC), which receives and executes it (for example: switches PAN/TILTS left rotational movement). The TC telemetry receiver is controlled by 11 commands: LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, SCAN, ZOOM+, ZOOM-, FOCUS+, FOCUS-, IRIS+, IRIS-.

The CAN Bus

All telemetry devices (TC telemetry receivers, TP multiplexers, KB1 external keyboards) are connected using the CAN bus that consists of shielded twisted pair cable. The transfer speed is 50 kBd. Maximum length of the bus is 1000m. Maximum length of one stub is 60m and length of all stubs must not exceed 300m. The terminators 120 W are required at the both ends of the bus. All devices must be connected to CAN bus by the 4-pins MINI DIN connector.


Technical specifications
Power supply:

24 VAC
Power consumption 4 W max.
Range of operating temp.. -20 40 C
Humidity 85% max.
Dimensions 136x152x75 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
CAN bus
Number of addresses 240 (1-240)

Baud rate:

50 kBd

Maximum bus length:

1000 m

Maximum stub length:

60 m

Cumulative stubs length:

300 m


120W on both ends

Cable for bus length 0 40 m

0.25mm2 - 0.34mm2 (AWG23, AWG22)

Cable for bus length 40 600 m

0.34mm2 - 0.6mm2 (AWG20)

Cable for bus length 600 1000 m

0.75mm2 - 0.8mm2 (AWG18)


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