The KB1 external keyboard is used for controlling of up to 240 devices in a range 1000 m. All devices are connected by CAN bus (shielded twisted pair cable). KB1 keyboard can control PAN/TILT units, zoom lenses and multiplexers. Keyboard sends commands with the controlled device address (e.g. TC) that receives the commands and executes it (e.g. switches on rotator turning). There is no difference between operating a multiplexer with the external keyboard and the multiplexer local keyboard. KB1 external keyboard light indicators show the state of the controlled device. The sound signalling is also transferred to the keyboard.

Addresses Setting

Every device connected to the bus must have its own unique address in a range 1-240. KB1 keyboard has pre-installed address 10. Entering the device address is necessary for its use. After switching on KB1 has set address of the last used device.

The CAN Bus

All telemetry devices (TC telemetry receivers, TP multiplexers, KB1 external keyboard) are connected using the CAN bus that consists of shielded twisted pair cable and its transfer speed is 50 kBd. Maximum length of the bus is 1000m. Maximum length of one stub is 60m and length of all stubs must not exceed 300m. The terminators 120 W are required at the both ends of the bus. All devices must be connected to CAN bus by the 4-pins MINI DIN connector.

Possible Use of KB1

You can control a PAN/TILT units and a lenses of up to 240 cameras by the KB1. You can also control telemetry systems of several cameras by the KB1 using one or several (TPxx) multiplexers that are connected in net. The KB1 controls the multiplexers network by a subsidiary video switcher VPxx. You can use a multiplexer sequential channel of instead of the subsidiary video switcher.


Technical specification
Power supply:

24 VAC
230 VAC
Power consumption 2 W max.
Range of operating temperatures -20 - 40°C
Humidity 85% max.
Dimension (WxHxD) 436 x 34.5 x 46 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
CAN bus
Number of addresses 240 (1 - 240)
Baut rate 50 kBd
Max. bus length 1000m
Max. stub length 60m
Max. cumulative 300m
Terminators 120W
Type of cable for CAN bus (shielded twisted-pair)
Distance: 0 - 40 m 0.25 - 0.34 mm2 (AWG22, AWG23)
Distance: 40 - 600 m 0.34 - 0.6 mm2 (AWG20)
Distance: 600 - 1000 m 0.75 -0.8 mm2 (AWG18)


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