The QS4M, Q4M and Q8M are the digital devices enabling the simultaneous displaying of 4 or 8 cameras on one monitor in high resolution. The Q4M and Q8M enable the camera switching according to the pre-programmed sequence and alarm processing.

Monitor Outputs

The QS4M, Q4M and Q8M have one main (MAIN) and one spot (QUAD) video output. The main video output is used for connecting a monitor and enables the displaying of split screen or cameras in full size. The spot video input is used only for the displaying of split screen and is usually used for recording to a VCR.

Alarm Processing

The Q4M and Q8M have one alarm input for each videoinput. The alarm output (relay) is switched ON during the alarm detection. The alarm output is signalled acoustically. The corresponding camera is displayed during the alarm. The alarm is put out of operation after finishing the set up time interval or after pressing any button.

Switching Sequence

The Q4M and Q8M enable the manual or automatic switching of particular cameras and split pictures on the main monitor output. The switching sequence can be set with the help of menu (TIME) in 1 - 99 sec.


Technical specification
Power supply 12 VDC
Power consumption 4 W max.
Range of operating temp. 0-40°C
Humidity max. 85%
Dimensions (WxHxD) 218 x 44.5 x 230 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Video signal
TV standards CCIR / EIA
Number of active TV lines 512 /480
Samples per TV line 864 / 856
Grey shades 256 (steps)
Number of QS4M, Q4M inputs 4
Number of Q8M inputs 8
Input voltage amplitude 0.75-1.5 Vpp
Input impedance 75 W
Connectors BNC
Number of outputs 2 independent
Output voltage amplitude 1 Vpp at 75 W
Connectors BNC
Number of Q4M inputs 4
Number of Q8M inputs 8
Activity normally open
Connector D-SUB25M
Relay contacts 40 V / 0.5 A max
Model identification
QS4M 4 channel simple quad
Q4M 4 channel quad
Q8M 8 channel quad

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